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Two of the greatest sins that were occurring in the Northern Kingdom are also prevalent today, such as social injustice and idolatry. There is so much corruption in governments of the world and this corruption leads down to the most remote small, rural towns.

Highlights of the Minor Prophets - DVD

The idolatry of pleasure and prosperity takes the place of God because money can sometimes take the place of God and provide; security, food, and pleasures…but it is a false sense of security and that are what Amos tries to warn these nations about. Jonah shows us that you cannot run and you cannot hide from God or His express, divine will.

There is no place to hide, nowhere to run, where God is not at. The lesson here for Christians may be that God desires all to be saved and even those who have been our enemies are people that God seeks to save and since He has compassion for them, so should we.

Notes on the Minor Prophets

He alone is transcendent. Greedy landlords and political corruption had caused the entire nation to be morally bankrupt ; so God rose up the great nation of Assyria to be His rod of correction to bring the nation under His righteous judgment. There are great similarities between ancient Israel and Judah and the nations today.

Most assuredly God will avenge His people and the relevance for believers today is that those who despitefully use us, unfairly accuse us, and shamefully abuse us will be dealt with by God so we must leave vengeance up to Him Rom ; Duet Habakkuk is consumed with a burning desire to proclaim the glory of the Lord. Even though Zephaniah speaks about a day of gloom and doom, God will save all who call out to His name and a remnant will be saved God does not name His people or prophets without purpose and so Haggai optimistically calls on His people to repent and rebuild His holy temple because the sovereign God desires to be worshipped and He is most worthy This last book in the Old Testament is like a final warning or parting shot to Israel that the great and terrible day of the Lord is coming God is angry with the fact that His people are robbing Him of His tithes and offerings and also those they are not paying the laborer their due wages Malachi also gives the prophecy that Elijah will come again just before the day of the Lord This was fulfilled in the coming of John the Baptist who came in the spirit of Elijah preaching repentance Mark ; Matt One thing is certain and that is the fact that all of these prophets testify that the Lord is coming again but this time it will be to judge all of those that refuse to repent and trust in Christ.

Amos lived in a day of prosperity for Israel, and his primary message was that the Israelites had abandoned the concept of justice because of their material greed. The Book of Obadiah: Incidentally, this was probably not the same Obadiah mentioned above in 1 Kings Obadiah's ministry occurred after the Babylonians had destroyed Jerusalem, and he was effusive in pronouncing judgment against the Edomites a hostile neighbor of Israel for helping in that destruction.

Twelve Minor Prophets

Obadiah also communicated that God would not forget His people even in their captivity. The Book of Jonah: Probably the most famous of the Minor Prophets, this book details the adventures of a prophet named Jonah who was unwilling to proclaim God's message to the Assyrians in Nineveh -- that's because Jonah was afraid the Ninevites would repent and avoid God's wrath.

enter Jonah had a whale of a time trying to run from God, but eventually obeyed. The main message of the Book of Micah is that judgment was coming for both Jerusalem and Samaria the capital of the northern kingdom.

Hosea and Amos

Because of the unfaithfulness of the people, Micah declared that judgment would come in the form of enemy armies -- but he also proclaimed a message of hope and restoration after that judgment had taken place. The Book of Nahum: As a prophet, Nahum was sent to call for repentance among the people of Assyria -- particularly their capital city of Nineveh.

This was about years after Jonah's message had caused the Ninevites to repent, so they had reverted to their previous idolatry.

The Prophets

The Book of Habakkuk: Habakkuk was a prophet in the southern kingdom of Judah in the years right before the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem. Habakkuk's message is unique among the prophets because it contains a lot of Habakkuk's questions and frustrations directed toward God. Habakkuk couldn't understand why the people of Judah continued to prosper even though they had abandoned God and no longer practiced justice.

The Book of Zephaniah: Zephaniah was a prophet in the court of King Josiah in the southern kingdom of Judah, probably between and B.

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He had the good fortune to serve during the reign of a godly king; however, he still proclaimed a message of Jerusalem's imminent destruction. He urgently called for the people to repent and turn back to God. He also laid the groundwork for the future by declaring that God would gather a "remnant" of His people even after the judgment against Jerusalem had taken place. Haggai's primary message was intended to stir up the people to rebuild God's temple in Jerusalem, thereby opening the door for spiritual revival and a renewed worship of God.

The Book of Zechariah: As a contemporary of Haggai, Zechariah also pushed the people of Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and begin their long journey back to spiritual faithfulness with God. The Book of Malachi: Written around B. Publisher: Eerdmans. ISBN: Be the first to rate this.