Manual Rendering with AutoCAD using nXtRender

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IRender nXt does a surprisingly good job of this for basic exteriors, using the High Dynamic, or Exterior lighting presets. However, especially for interiors, you need to add lights and set special material parameters - such as reflection in order to get a good rendering.

This article will help you learn how to do this. That is because, especially for interior scenes, you need to add lights and reflections in order to get a realistic image. Placing Ceiling Lights Just these lights improved the rendering significantly. Vanity with overhead lighting Adding Reflections Of course we need to make the mirror reflective.

How to install rendering library in revit

But making the walls reflective will add realistic detail as well. To make a surface reflective, right click on the material and load the Material Editor: Making the floor reflective Rendering with floor, walls and mirror reflective I used default reflection for the right hand wall the first time. Highlights Reflection and Highlights are similar. Highlights are reflections directly from lights, rather than reflection of other objects.

They add to the realism of a scene. Here I added reflection to everything which might reflect or create highlights. See the highlight in the faucet, even though there is not much reflection. Reflection and Highlights on Counter Something to Reflect Another important consideration is having something to reflect. In the scenes above with have a reflective mirror, but nothing interesting to reflect. I added the shower from the 3D warehouse to the part of the room behind the camera, to make the scene more interesting.

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Arroway Textures You can get more realistic results by using better materials. For example, Arroway provides a library of textures, not for free , which have special shading features for more realistic highlights and reflections. Shiny, Blurry and Glossy Reflections In addition to the amount of reflection on surface, you can also adjust its shininess.

In this example, I made the faucets white ao you could see more detailed reflection. Faucet with shiny reflection For certain surfaces, like brushed metal, tile floors or wood, the reflection is often blurry rather than shiny. Blurry reflections require more rendering passes because the blurriness is achieved by using different, random, angles for reflection on each pass. Faucet with Blurry reflection Glossy reflection allows the highlights, but no specific reflection of other objects.

It is done quickly and does not require additional passes. Faucet with Glossy Reflection Lighting channels Another feature which can save time, and make it easy to balance various lights in Lighting Channels. Summary You can get get good results easily, just by adding some ceiling ligtts and basic reflection to materials. But for even better results, you need to render the model, take a look, and adjust the material parameters and lights to get the effect you want. Check out our Videos and Tutorials for more information in how to do this. We worked hard this spring to get our new reference manuals available on Amazon as eBooks and a printed book.

But then we realized that a good reference book needs an Index. If you haven't purchased one yet - get the new version with the index. We often run rendering tip blogs, and would like you to help us make some if you are interested. And if you make two, you can get the renewal for free And, of course, you will get exposure on our blog site with your name, company, etc. If you would like participate, send you ideas, or the whole blog to al. The normal SketchUp user sets materials on object by selecting a material from the library and then placing in on a object. When you select materials from a library and drop them onto objects in your SketchUp model, then often the name refers to the material - such as Red Brick - rather than the use of the material - such as Outside Wall.

If you create objects whose materials have functional names, such as Ceiling, Table Top, Floor, etc. Then you can assign materials from a library to these materials - without changing the material name - using Replace Material or you can replace all the materials at once using Material Styles. A different Material Style is then selected from the Wizard, and when Load Selected Style is clicked, the materials in the model are re-mapped to the materials in the saved style. Want to learn more? Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML.

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CAD Software by Industry

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Render Plus Systems nXtRender

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Installing nXtRender - Rendering for AutoCAD

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Ray tracing uses NXtRender and photometric rendering.