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Linx is ready to call it quits on his search for a mate, when a spontaneous lap dance leads to an unexpected night of passion. Who knew a hissing Tabby could make a big cat like him purr? Her beloved grandfather is dying, her best-friend is getting married and plans to move away, and someone is hunting bears out of season. In the confusion, Nina stumbles upon the Great Bear from Cherokee mythology…or so she thinks. Suddenly Nina is torn between love, loyalty, and a future amongst the stars.

Riot has always been different from his Phantom Warrior brethren. His size and strength make finding a mate nearly impossible, especially when they all scream and run away. Nina is the exception. Even with all their power and strength, a Phantom Warrior cannot cheat death. Either way, he loses. Taylor Shelley has always had the worst taste in men. As King of the Phantoms, he rules his land via blood and claw.

What starts as an obligation, ends in a game of seduction where the players are evenly matched. Captain Hawk has searched solar systems for a female shape-shifter. He wants one for himself, wants one for the beast lurking inside of him. Bacchus is a desperate Phantom Warrior. Saddled with the quest to find a biologically compatible female species for his people, he stows away on a ship bound for planet Earth.

There he discovers a world teeming with women, but how does he pick just one? Sex sounds easy enough or it would be, if Bacchus weren't from the Blood Clan. Where on Earth can he find a woman who doesn't freak out at the sight of blood and three-inch fangs? Dog breeder Carrie Rittner has had a rough year. Between a broken engagement, threats to her safety, and an emotionally distant brother, she's ready to throw in the towel. The last thing she needs is a sexy 'bodyguard' trying to charm her pants off.

It'll take more than Bacchus' chemically charged pheromones, dominant nature, and forked tongue to convince Carrie that they're made for each other. He will have to release all his animal instincts, before giving her the ultimate love bite. Might offend some readers. Summers quickly whisks you away to planet Zaron, to earth, then back to Zaron once again without you realizing you've left the couch. This is an enjoyable story that promises to be the first in a series of Phantom men finding their mates on planet earth. Bacchus's strong domineering nature is offset by his deep feelings for Carrie; while 4.

Carrie's past pain makes her a perfect candidate for Bacchus' tender touch. Their sex is arousing, explosive and sure to send anyone to their knees. The story's pace is quick from beginning to end without a sag in sight, which kept me easily engrossed in Bacchus and Carrie's world. I eagerly await any follow up books from Ms. Summers to come. I'm still trying to settle down so I can give an intelligent review of this sssensational story of a shifter with the forked tongue and a domination complex.

How easy would life be if men knew exactly what women wanted and ensured they received it even when they weren't being honest with themselves? In this new series by Jordan Summers, she introduces us to another alien clan that looks to be hotter than her Atlantean race of people. Bacchus is a male with extraordinary powers who is unafraid to use them when it comes to getting what he wants, which happens to be Carrie.

New city, same type of outbreak. But this time, he isn't fighting humans but something even more sinister. Takes place after Prototype 1. The professional hero from Z-City who fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a hero of justice. Touma Kamijou. The average high school student wielding the miracle shattering power in his right hand from Academy City. Is a hero the one who punches for the sake of others or the one who punches for what he thinks is right? When two fists cross paths, a story is born! Troublesome by Naruto obsession reviews AU! Naruto x Sasuke story. Inuyasha crossover.

Sasuke finally comes to terms with his feelings for his most precious person but why does fate still play with him and whats with getting seperated from her every time he meets her. These jealous dogs Sasuke has no other option but borrow the lazy genius's verbal tic Chapter 5 is under reconstruction. The Iron Blooded Revolutionary by Fortress Hunter reviews He was prepared to die on that day, he was ready to give it all he had to make sure everyone would be able to live a normal life, a life without Tekkadan.

He did succeed in the latter, but dying was not what he did. Instead, he lived, and now he has to do what he does best again, fight. And in this world, Mikazuki would give it his all once more. Having to defend a weakened clan from utter destruction, oh, he knew it all too well. Love on the other hand… not so much. Being practically flung into the Sekirei plan, head first, he's about to learn the meaning of the word… the embarrassing way.

The Fair Lady by FromShadows reviews After defeating Quelaag in battle, but not killing her, a nameless warrior comes across her ailing sister. He vows to do everything in his power to cure her and makes an elixir which he hopes will remove the blight from her body, but the healing process is slow and uncertain.

While they wait for her to heal he begins to form a friendship with Quelaag, despite her aggressive nature. After many years of playing his favorite game, Yggdrasil, the servers are finally shutting down. Having put so much work and effort into Nazarick with his forty guild mates, he figured he would stay logged in until the very end. Little did he know that he would be thrust into a new world with a new dungeon to conquer.

The Phantom the Complete Dailies Volume 17: 1961-1962 THE SY BARRY YEARS PRE-ORDER

What if they found a way to be rid of the Dark Dragon for good? But what would it do to Jake is the question of the hour. Warning inner beast of lemons will be released. Borderline rape, incest, maledom, and first time writting a lemon fic. Universe 6 vs Universe 7 by Iynxx reviews The twin Universes are having a tournament to see who has the best fighters, but what if Saitama was in the tournament. What type of changes will there be in tournament? Find out on Dragon Ball Super! When out of nowhere, the dash that the summoner used to Vel'Koz is With 'her' new skin.

Equestrian Ranch by mlp brony fifer reviews Ponies enslaved by humans for one year As he also has to put up with the danger of housing his pony slaves as they don't trust him one bit He promises her that he would make everything alright. What would happen if God decides to grant his wish? A time travel fic. Being rewritten due to extremely poor writing style and grammar. The Name and summary might be changed to, you have been warned.

Pokemon Love Ru by fanfic meister reviews The night before starting his journey Ash meets an alien princess and suddenly he has become engaged to her.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition - Demon King Ganondorf Story & Cutscenes + Ganon & Phantom Ganon

Follow as Ash, his twin and friends traveling around regions winning gym badges, catching Pokemon, fend off against crazy marriage candidates, not to mention infamous galactic assasins. Rated M: for language, adult situations, etc. Remember Me? Long story short a Renamon gets transported to earth in search of her long lost tamer but he doesn't remember her. Ichigo learns precisely the reason why Aizen is so interested in him and he might not like the reason!

After being rescued from an Ingen plot by a castaway named Kenny, Blue realizes that she doesn't have to be alone anymore. A war is coming. False Love by tigrun reviews It's been 10 years since Tsuna's ever thought about his first love, maybe because of the crazy thing that happened before in his life.

And while many things have happen between those times, the Vongola decided to make a trial run with the help of by making him face Yakuzas and even an arranged marriage. How will he survive all these misadventures before him?

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With his Dying Will! Crossover - Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Onodera, Chitoge K. Fallout: Hey Sarah by jameslplummer reviews [contains adult themes, graphic violence, and adult language]. The last sentient deathclaw travels ever east across the wastes in an attempt to find peace and safety, but he unwillingly picks up a traveling partner in the form of a child. Cover art by pongldr.

Feedback appreciated. Amidst trying to decipher the Wrex, Tali'Zorah. Alexis' Domination Part 3 by GhostKaiser23 reviews Returning from the other world, from being an evil king, Jaden has locked himself away. Guilty, ashamed, he wallows away from everyone. He does not want the others to grow close to him, scared he will hurt them again. Too bad his lovers won't let that happen And another girl might want to join their love nest.

Hive-mind by dawnfang reviews An engineer named Alex Dawson's world is tossed up side down when Xenomorphs attack the colony where he lives. Now he has to decide fight for his new found family or go back to the life he had before. Itachi Uchiha is about to find out as he enteres the world of dxd. I don't own anything other than my OC's. Ch re-written. Akeno, OC]. Gardevoir by Atcross26 reviews Seth and his newly evolved Gardevoir decide to set out on their adventure after a long rest in Lavaridge Town. Seth wants to prove to his father that he has become powerful enough to beat him, but more importantly, he wants to show his lost first Pokemon that he is strong, and that it was a mistake to leave him.

Can Gardevoir help him achieve this? Realization by StoryMakerr reviews And at that moment, they all realized it. Everything he did, the lives he had taken and the sins he had committed, all of them led to this. His greatest and final miracle. Learning that Saitama was born without a quirk like him, Izuku becomes Saitama's disciple and trains under him to become the strongest hero he always wanted to be. But will Izuku succeed? How far is he willing to prove everyone that someone without a quirk can become a hero? Can he become a hero? Well, there's only way to find out.

To escape Harutora Tsuchimikado aka Reincarnation of Yakou Tsuchimikado hide from his old contact in Raven DxD! The tale of the Raven and the Dragon! Fate: the RED by Shurpuff reviews An older, experienced Emiya Shirou finds himself in an entirely different world, where he meets many familiar faces and foes. Allied to a darker, more ruthless Saber, can Shirou survive through only his guts, wits and skills?

Can he still become the hero this city of magi needs?

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Call of the Abyss by Freefan reviews Judai lived and Judai died. However the Herald is destined to be reborn and so a Judai lives in a world praising Fusion, where Duel Monsters and duels were never considered a game, where raising Judai soon becomes the least of Yubel's worries. The Fist of Remnant by BrightestDarkness reviews In the ruined crater that once held the Forever Fall, forces beyond Remnant's comprehension are stirring. Well, maybe more strolling around looking for Udon and the way home than stirring but that's beside the point; a bald justice has emerged into Remnant with his sidekick, seeking justice and defending the weak.

After they fix the moon first that is. Just recently settling into new life as a normal human, he is shocked when he finds out he has been accepted into the prestigious Honnouji Academy. Unwilling to go, but not having a choice in the matter, he reluctantly decides to attend but wonders just what the next year will bring. Eye of Truth by Scorpius02 reviews After a retrieval of ancient artifacts from one of his adventures, Jackie donated them to a museum. When he found out that an employee called in sick, he decided to help out the curator as a tour guide for a school.

The school he was supposed to guide was Milliard Fillmore Middle School. Then he later discovered that one of the artifacts he found was anything but normal. Ichigo Kurosaki has one more mission as a Soul Reaper before he retires, wanting to now live a peaceful life. He will face enemies he has never seen before from demons to monsters of legend, how will Ichigo make factions of myths and legends to come together? Harribel, Rias G. It would be a shame for all that talent to go to waste, so he goes to the Unova Region. Ash will use his past experiences to get him through Unova and maybe even win the league.

Rewrite of the Unova saga with very notable differences. Othelloshipping AshxHilda. Seeing the unchanged dynamic of the service club, she decides to take the grand prize, our cynical loner, for herself. Teaching them how to laugh by Final SD reviews The joker goes to japan out of the simple disgust of the low quality of villains there. They don't know how to instil fear, they are pretenders, demeaning the quality of real villains like himself.

The heroes too. They have no what real villanry is. Especially the children, oh the little children who want to play being heroes. How will the races of the Alliance and the Horde handle the arrival of a Spartan and his A. The Reward by AthersHand reviews A tunnel rat engineer working for Wey-Yu has his life thrown into chaos when he is drafted onto a Wey-Yu military vessel. It is here that his life takes its twists and turns as he somehow ends up on the vessels intended planet for a xenomorph extermination, where he will find something that gives a new meaning to a promise. Rated M just for safety in future chapters.

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He had risen to power with the help of technology, betraying any trust his comrades had with him. The only one still standing at his side was a faithful canine. But when a monster hunt goes awry and Rex is sent a world away, Six was confronted with a question not many must face. What would you do to protect your dog? Academy City launches the first VR game in history, boasting incredible realism and endless possibilities. There's a single premise: "Make it to the top", and no rules whatsoever! Furthermore, everybody can play for free!

Magic and science cross paths once more, this time in a new world! Tsuchimikado, Mikoto M. The Thin Line by soggy noodle reviews Between love and obsession, between devotion and madness, there is a thin line. And she has crossed it. With a smile on her face. Character and other adult themes. The man with no name but the eponymous title of Courier six?

What about those who seek him? Incidentally they decide to help him by 'repairing' him. Touma has no idea what happened but over the next three years he notices things happening to him don't hurt him as much before and what are these gaps in his memory? Soul of an Undead by LordofWar reviews After plunging the world into darkness and sleeping for an eternity, Daku awakens in a new world that he has never been before.

More Books by Jordan Summers

Issei as well. The Power of a Memory by Rias Caldwell reviews Lelouch, upon his victory over Cornelia with the grand Knightmare frame Gawain, remembers a special memory forged in his days when he was still a prince in name and right of birth. This memory causes Lelouch to make a decision that will shake the Britannian Empire at its very core.

I encourage any review even flames. Colony by The Final Lament reviews Alec has survived two years on the Xenomorph invaded colony, now he is the last human on the planet, living on a delicate knife edge of science and instinct. But that balance has been disrupted and now the last human must use every tool he has to survive All it takes is one punch by ToscoFarrax reviews After a strange incident in Y-City, Saitama is thrown in a strange land where everyone has superpowers, join him as he tries to settle down in this new land where lethal force on 'monsters' or anything for that matter is a big no-no.

Aaaaand a stalker. He sought to be a hero of the people, to save everyone. However he was betrayed by his ideals and condemned to death. But his story is not yet over. His power has been inherited by his reincarnation. He shall guide the boy through this age of turmoil.

And hopefully, the boy will fare better than he did. Possible Tatsumi x harem. Now back in Japan, he is detoured on his way home and finds himself once again at odds with a megalomaniac whose company runs Shinto Teito. However this time he will be forced to watch from the sidelines at least for now as he forms his own plans with his Sekirei at his side.

Harribel, No. Enemy Number One by nanayoung reviews A series of snippits based on the idea that Saitama was considered the number one most powerful villain and a God level threat for years by the entire world Seductive Revenge by Strike Faster Than Starlight reviews After being defeated by Kazuma and his party, Sylvia chose to go to Axel, ready to get her revenge against the brown haired adventurer. The Servant of the Depths by Derp'Koz reviews For many years he had marched forward with no other purpose than destroying those that had betrayed him.

But after a fateful battle, The Titan of the Depths has finally fallen into the abyss That was until she called for him. Ballandroll's poke-lemon one-shots by ZLewdomancer34 reviews Here's a little collection of pokephilia one-shots for your enjoyment in your spare time. Since it's one-shots, don't expect a great background story. Mainly smut focused. Like you care for the story anyway, like porn. Human male X female pokemon only. After weeks of tracking the small Storm Covenant fleet, they find the fleet taking refuge on an uncharted world that UNSC has not discovered yet.

Palmer, T. Lasky - Complete. The Video by Tensa Suigetsu reviews While visiting Ichigo and Orihime, Tatsuki accidentally gets her handa on something she wasn't supposed to see. Unsure of what to do, she calls Rangiku for a second opinion. This is a really good in my opinion crossover, that came to mind! Naturally, because it's my first FanFiction, I apologise if it's bad. I can't really say much about the story however, it's a work in progress who wants to bet I'll have to leave it in the dust? I'll try to keep it T. Also, not to sure of the genre. Also, fem! Different Encounters by Emancipator reviews A simple meeting that could possibly change everything.

A down-on-his-luck closet brony learns that she somehow ended up in his world, as a filly, and decides to take her home with him. The two go on to share a strong friendship, but due to her bizarre, accelerated aging, may end up turning out to be even more than what either of them expected. The Girl Next Door by louig reviews Moving is always a tricky thing, and it takes time to learn about your new place and city, not to mention your neighboors. Maru is a girl with some special problems, which makes her move to Z City and she ends up as Saitamas new neighboor.

There will be M rated chapters later. I am just a fan, and I do only own my OC. Dead Wonder by Sandkings reviews Summary: On November 18, , a plague dub the "Green Flu" a highly contagious pathogen causing extreme aggression, mutation to the body cells, and loss of higher brain functions. The Death toll left round lion people dead, turned, or became a carrier. Now The year with one lone human name David "Jacob" Clover a Carrier with some of the oddest companion.

Now he found himself in a new world with Gods and Goddesses watching over the inhabitants and an entire dungeon to explore. What's the first thing the Soul of Cinder did? Work in a pub with plenty of beautiful maid girls, duh. Rise of the Zagatr empire by thorison reviews Zim finds out the truth about his mission, Tak is exiled, Gaz is disowned.

Zim tried to end it all but they stopped him. Now with their love firmly set they will conquer the universe and the Irken Empire. Zagr Zatr Tagr Gatr Zagatr. Zim x harem. Better summary inside. Before Your Father Comes Home! One evening when her husband, Kazuyuki, returns home from work he finds his wife acting a little odd and unusual. What secret is Nobuko hiding from her husband? This fanfiction is rated M for mature content. Viewer discretion is advised. The Mental Hybrid by jaylowtie reviews Phil, an Ex-military Marine, works as a top biological scientist in Mars city, studying the mysterious creatures known as "Xenomorphs.

But none of that matters when he is caught, for he finds out something more disturbing as to what he becomes Return of the Chosen One by Snivy24 reviews Ash has just returned from the Unova Region, when he gets betrayed from his so called "friends" and is separated from his Pokemon. After his betrayal, a power deep inside of him awakens. Will Ash ever reach his dream? A Leap of Damnation by yugiohfan reviews Minase is sent back in time to fix what went wrong and who knows, he might get lucky on the way? Minase x harem. Way of the Protector by mlickko reviews Ichigo died fighting Ulquiorra on top of the Las Noches and his hollow decided it was enough and Ichigo must arise stronger than ever.

Watch as Ichigo learns how to accept himself and he becomes the person he always strived to be, the Protector. AU from the fight with Ulquiorra. Unohana, Lilinette - Complete. Total Drama Harem! This is a competition to win the heart of a certain spiky-haired individual. Each week one girl will be voted off. To find out what happens next, you have to catch the next chapter of Co-written with contributor TiNyTwiTch. If you're waiting for updates check my deviant page for news link's in my profile. He managed to defeat the Imperator, as well as saving his sister Saya back.

However, Izanami decided to retaliate one final time as vengeance against Ragna for ruining her plans. This vengeance led Ragna to be tossed into the Boundary, and be forever sealed with in it. However, little did she know was that it was just a new start for him. Nights of Pleasure by bronyofchaos reviews What happens when all the Animatronics are modified and are capable of having sex? Well, this lucky OC is about to find out Rated M for a reason this is what imagination does to you Suddenly, Godzilla appears!

And things only get stranger and deadlier from there Jaeger von Jaegers by Shadowblade reviews When the world comes under attack by the otherworldly Kaiju, a small group of brave defenders fight back, using giant machines known as Jaegers to combat the threat. But they will not fight alone, as a primal force of nature rises from the deep to join the war Rebuild of King of the Monsters. No Mercy by Talilover reviews Mercy had already lost him, in more ways than one.

Now that he has returned she will do anything and everything to ensure she never loses him again. A yandere Mercy and Soldier 76 one-shot rated M for smut and safety. Important Update: Currently working on revising and condensing all into one long chapter There is all the time in the world given to him to think, but Ash is not going to wait any longer to give his reply. Different Fandoms.

All Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses

Different Stories. Same Theme. These are the tales of a forbidden love. Incest story between the Yuuki Family. Part of the Tales of the Forbidden Dance Collection. Don't like, don't read. Well since there is no male hero in the story, I had an idea of adding Naruto to the mix. I will have to say that this story is M-rated thus there will be lemons. So if you don't like lemon don't read it. Also it is a harem fic. They did not consider encountering another civilization.

There is a larger galaxy out there, greater powers to be met and ancient truths to be uncovered. The Ashikabi of Despair by Terumi Gremory reviews Jumping into the Cauldron, Hazama thought he would spend eternity in Darkness but a chance encounter with Amaterasu and a certain white haired reaper gives Hazama a second chance in life as a real human but in a different world Hazama x Harem, Cover art by Saber The Ogre of Zero by Redwall reviews Gobuto after dying and being reborn is trying to find a new purpose, can being summoned by a pink haired girl give him one.

Follow along as he tries to help people, despite being a monster. Dark Room by Primus reviews I finally got a new phone. Now I am free to customize and do whatever I want to it. However, I seem to have ended up downloading something I shouldn't have. I just hope I survive I could end up blind by the end of this.

My situation is unprecedented. They call me a savior, a prodigy, a defender. I'm none of these things. I can do many things I never expected to. He saved my life back there. But then again he's saved me many times. For some reason he gave me these powers. I owe him for that. But first I'm going to find who did this to me. And I'm gonna make to make them pay. Still, he waited despite of all the tragedy that happened to him. Then one day, he met a woman named Cecil. She was nothing like the kind woman he loved as a child. But deep down at the depths of his longing soul For years, they have been forced to cower behind their walls in the face of the greatest threat they have ever known; the Titans.

But, in their darkest hour, help arrives from the stars. John may be able to change the tide of war, but new threats lay beyond the horizon, and it's not just the flesh eating giants he has to worry about. This brings a series of events in which Natsu ends up bedding the mature ladies of Magnolia City. But what happens when some old acquaintances of Natsu's arrive in town looking for him? Time for Natsu to man up and admit his mistakes.

Monster Musume Quest! The end of times? The death of all purity? Nope, you get another cultural exchange program! Based on Monster Musume. This will NOT have lemons. I know, sacrilege. Lord of Souls by SakataTetsuya reviews The Furtive Pygmy, a Lord he was yet so easily forgotten, Even when the truth is forgotten, his legacy still lives despite the cruelty of time.

Running commentaries that you listen to while you watch the movie.

And when a Lord of Souls appears Rate M because I am paranoid. First attempt in Dark Souls series. And A Monster Girl Too by Meanjojo reviews Saitama finds himself in a strange land where there are monsters that roam alongside humans and don't attack them. So no need to intervine.

Lemon fic. A rumor that is only a rumor that the City holds the Dark Soul within the Waste. Tiberius and his co. How would these two men who has a similar attachment to the fabled Dark Soul. Only the city will have the answer. Fanfic crossover story. Even after marriage, who says life fighting against Hollows will be any easier? How will he face the challenges and rivals that await him in the Sinnoh League and beyond? Shepard and his team now face a new threat after just surviving their suicide mission on the Collector Base, something that is possibly as horrifying as the Reapers.

The Illusive Man and other shadowy forces also seek the dark secrets hidden on the mining ship. However, when two Fallen Angels and their Stray Exorcist ally set their sights on the Heavenly Coins they are assured he carries, the Forgotten Messiah is once again thrown into the realm of the Supernatural. He is a human and a skilled musician, and his music is a wonder to all the ponies, as much as he is.

He has met the mane 6, and is quickly becoming friends with them as well as others. But some of them may want a little more This will be edited to be a clean story for all to enjoy. As the title implies - lemons and fluff. Consider all the oneshots to be set in the same timeline. The Alliance of Brittania by ashbeehani reviews Zero Requiem never did happen. Lelouch was never the demon emperor. He ruled justly over the years, as an immortal. The world was united under him, as war ceased to exist; they focused on the frontier above them: Humanity advances far beyond;Technology, moral, social, economy and development.

Humanity became the first species to develop technologies without relying on element zero. Fate: Another Hallow by heavenschoir reviews Allen Walker has one more wish. However, his existence has been twisted when summoned as a Servant. Can he still be able to fulfill his wish? Crossover - D.

The Phantom

Something to Fear by SuspiciousPlayer reviews Jason is back, but promiscuous teens are not the ones in danger. Darkness Rises by Lord-Hadrian-of-Darkness reviews Rito decides to take his relationship with Lala seriously and ends up getting involved with more than just the angry alien suitor looking to take Lala away. Rito x Lala followed by Rito x Harem.

Do not read if underage! Yhorm the Titan slayer by MementoMori reviews A giant from a time long gone. Risen again to help humanity in its time of need. The Witch and the Mailman by SkeletalBeatz reviews After waking up in an unknown world and left to die in a shallow grave, a young Glynda Goodwitch can only move forward to try and get back home. But not without the help of a certain courier. Can she get back home, or will she find herself stuck in a world of true bloody evolution. Allen x Harem. A Berserker's Requiem by yugiohfan reviews After ending up in this prison Ganta discovers a power different than canon.

He will unleash the power of the the Berserker in him and change for the better in Deadman Wonderland. Ganta x small harem, but I won't say now cause I'd rather let you guys see what happens. Clipped wings by MercenaryTsukiyomi reviews Ren is an ordinary human, or so he thinks.

Who suddenly had his life turned upside. Going from prey to an exotic pet that everyone wants to get there hands on. It doesn't help that his master is also a female.