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  1. hammer air assist systems
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  3. AIRCAT A-T - Composite Air Hammer
  4. hammer air assist systems

Size and Stroke Length Stroke length is the distance the piston travels with each cycle, and this figure is usually given in terms of inches. The longer the stroke length, the higher the velocity that the piston can achieve at the end of one stroke cycle, and the more power it can deliver to the chisel.

To accommodate pistons with a certain stroke length, an air hammer can have a short barrel, a medium barrel, or a long barrel. Short barreled air hammers with low cfm are suitable for light work that require dexterity and control rather than sheer power, such as cutting through sheet metal and body panels.

hammer air assist systems

Long barreled air hammers, on the other hand, are better suited for more demanding tasks like hammering stakes and loosening stuck nuts. The size of the air hammer can also refer to the diameter of the chisel shank and the bore, which dictates which types of chisel attachments it can take.

Shank openings are typically in the 0. Keep in mind that manufacturers will usually stick to their tool specs, which may or may not be compatible with universal tool dimensions. Attachments Most air hammers come with a set of attachments like chisels and shaping tools. Good brands will typically have five or more chisels included as a set, and these will have their own organizer in the carrying case.

Pay attention to the recommended hose diameter or inlet diameter of the air hammer, as well, to make sure it is compatible with your air compressor hose setup.

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  4. AIRCAT A-T - Composite Air Hammer.

The faster the BPM, the quicker it gets the job done. For tasks that include cutting and grinding, more BPM also translates to cleaner and more even cuts.

Sandvik Down-the-hole hammer RH510 air flow

An air hammer model with a high BPM combined with a long stroke can be one of the most powerful units you can buy and usually the most expensive as well. Weight and Noise Lightweight air hammers can be as light as 3 pounds, while the more heavy duty models can be as heavy as 6 pounds. Do keep in mind that air hammers are loud — most units are rated at 90 decibels or more. Exposure to noise as loud as 90 decibels for as long as 8 hours will likely result in hearing damage.

Use hearing protection whenever possible, and take frequent breaks between tasks that use air hammers. Like most power tools, an air hammer is a powerful tool packed into a handy kit.

Air Hammer

Do not underestimate an air hammer — the pressure it can exert will easily cause serious harm, especially with a sharp chisel attached. Check the user manual for the recommended air pressure level, and make sure to set your air compressor to match before connecting the air hammer.

General tooling

Never use air pressure beyond the rated specs of the tool, as it can cause the air hammer to malfunction and even be damaged under load. Regularly oiling the tool is also an important part of maintenance and will make the air hammer run a lot smoother. Also check the air hose for debris or dust before connecting it to the air hammer.

Cleaning an air hose is usually easier than getting at the dust and debris stuck inside the air hammer, so it makes sense to look after the air hose first than to deal with issues later.

AIRCAT A-T - Composite Air Hammer

Always wear protective eye gear and gloves when working with air hammers, especially if you are cutting or chiseling metal or stone. Never operate an air hammer in areas with suspended dust, combustible gas, or any area where a spark can trigger an explosion. Insert the air connector and check for leaks.

Some air hammer brands will have air connectors and adapters included with the kit — if your unit does not come with one, buy the right type of air connector first. I have been in construction nearly my entire life and have a fascination with tools and love when they make my life easier.

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    hammer air assist systems

    Buying Guides. You can use air hammers to do a wide array of jobs Metalworking shops use air hammers to cut and shape metal. Air hammers are used to flatten, shape and cut most metals from thin aircraft-grade aluminum, copper, to other materials like gauge structural steel. They are also used to deburr and smooth metal as well. Garage shops use air chisels to free frozen nuts, cut exhaust pipes, break shock absorber fasteners and to split ball joints and rubber bushings.

    Air hammer may refer to: Air hammer fabrication , a smaller hand-held or free-standing hammer used in fabrication work Air hammer forging , a larger air driven power forging hammer Air hammer pile driver , a pile driver that is driven by air Air Hammer Transformers , a Beast Wars character Jackhammer , a larger pneumatic hand tool used to break up matter Nailgun , a pneumatic tool that drives nails See also [ edit ] Pneumatic hammer disambiguation Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term.